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Tree Removal

Expert & Affordable Tree Removal in Richmond, VA

Having a tree removed is nothing to be taken lightly.  When you think of the consequences of having it done by a non professional, it could be disastrous.  Not to worry.  Spartan Construction & Tree Service has been removing trees from the Richmond area for over 10 years.  Big trees, little trees, trees in difficult areas, etc., I've done it. 

We're a locally owned and operated company and have earned the highest grade from the BBB.  Jason, our owner, is a proud graduate of Hermitage High School and having grown up in Henrico County, he knows everything about the area and specifically about trees.  No job is too big or too small and I carry all the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure that the job is done right the first time and to your complete satisfaction.  I concentrate most of our work in the Tuckahoe, Windsor, and River Rd area but feel free to call me if you're in another area and need our assistance. 

  • My Tree Removal Services Entail:

  • I first examine the job and give you a detailed estimate with completion date. 
  • Next I set a safety line in the tree to support our climber while he ascends the tree.
  • I then set a lowering point and begin dismantling the tree using a low impact method device called a Portawrap.  The benefit of the Portawrap is it's more of a controlled manner and limits the lawn damage. 
  • The final part of the process involves cutting the tree into the logs. loading them on the truck and taking them to one of 2 facilities.  One facility grinds the wood into mulch while the other facility chips the wood into biofuel used to generate electricity. 

There are 2 types of tree removal services we utilize.  One is done by tree climber and the other is done by crane.  I utilize a 70 ton crane and a 60 ft bucket truck for the jobs requiring a crane.  In addition I use a Takeuchi TL8 tract loader with a grapple to load the logs into our 20 ft dump truck.  The benefit to our customers is you're using a company that is fully equipped and able to remove any tree. 

Call me today at 240-8515 or click here to tell me about your job and let us spring into action for you!

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