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Stump Grinding

We'll grind any stump in Richmond, VA!

So the tree you wanted removed has now been cut down and hauled away.  Now what about the stump?  You might be thinking "it's just a stump, no need to mess with that."  Think again.  Leaving an ungrinded stump on your property is not a good idea for 3 reasons.

  1. They're ugly!  You'll never have a beautiful landscape with an ugly stump in your yard.
  2. They're hazardous!  Tripping over a stump can cause injury and to make matters worse, if a neighbor tripped over it in your yard your insurance liability would have to cover it.
  3. They can cause additional problems!  Stumps continue to grow after the rest of the tree has been removed.  The roots will continue to grow and expand causing potential damage to your concrete and asphalt.   

Don't attempt to do this on your own either with equipment rented by the home improvement stores.  Most of these grinders don't have the power to take out a stump of any size leaving you having to call a professional and incurring additional unneeded expense. 

At Spartan Construction & Tree Service I have all the necessary manpower and resources to insure that this important task is done the right way. 

Call me today at 240-8515 or click here and I'll rid you of the stump the right way!

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