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Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning in Richmond, VA

Trees are susceptible to a lot of different factors that can cause problems.  And a healthy, well maintained tree is safer to live near as well as part of a healthy yard.  Tree trimming, or pruning, can reduce the likelihood of wind and storm damage.  In addition clearing out rotted or dead branches reduces the threat of decay.  At Spartan Construction & Tree Service I offer professional tree pruning services to the Richmond, VA area. 

Some of the more common reasons for tree pruning include:


  • Reducing risk of fallen branches
  • Reduce risk from major structural defects
  • Reduce disease and pests
  • Reduce density of live branches
  • Provide clearance
  • Increase light levels below and reduce wind resistance
  • Restore damaged trees
  • Reduce height and/or spread
  • Improve view

    To ensure there's no damage to the tree from the work I perform, I do not use climbing spikes.  I use A300 pruning standards set by American National Standards Institute to make sure I properly care for the tree and to extend the life. 

  • Common defects pruning can correct:

  • Branch Crossovers
  • Broken, dead or deformed branches
  • Trees to close together
  • Odd shaped trees
  • Crown too dense
  • Storm damage
  • Tree leaning over home
  • Too much weight on end of branch

At Spartan Construction & Tree Service I make sure we comply with all the standards set forth by ANSI.  The benefit to you is the job is done right and the tree is kept healthy and maintained. 

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